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Special Tactics Training Programs
  1. Rapid Response Tactics – Train and certify patrol officers in leading and commanding Rapid Response Teams and Personnel when responding to a  attack.
  1. Dynamic Defense for Tactical Teams – As a tactical operator or patrol officer, or anyone tasked with carrying a firearm will have to take control of a subject who is complying or combative with their firearm drawn and covering a threat, and the ability to escalate to deadly force is not an option.
  1. Fighting Strategies and Tactics – For officers and instructors to build on their skills and tactics in life threatening situations. Designed to show officers how to work within their own physical limitations without being exhausted, injured or out skilled and help you develop a survival style THAT is based on your own skill level making you a much smarter fighter to prepare the officer for confrontations with novice or skilled fighters.
  2. Ground Combat Survival Instructor – This course will cover integrated use of force skills that develop rapidly in a ground encounter and prepare the officer for being confronted with novice or skills fighters.
  3. Female Specialized Training Program – This course was developed to enhance survivability by combining verbal strategies with physical alternatives. We will address how to escape from the most common grips and grabs attackers will use to restrain and stop an officer from escaping their control.
  4. Combat Strategies and Tactics – This course is an “Instructor Update” and builds on any defensive tactics program taught to develop Instructors and officers to upgrade their skills in the use of techniques and tactics for unique in physical encounters that become violent, dangerous and life threatening In any environment if you are standing or on the ground.
  5. Basic Water Safety and Survival Training – Many times officers enter the water to rescue a subject in the water and then find out they are the victim. This is a basic water safety program to access your own water abilities to give you a position of advantage in a physical encounter.This is a need for any officer.
  6. Water Defensive Tactics Level 1 – This is the only water based defensive tactics program in the world and is a must for any officer assigned or tasked with working around or in the water.It is strongly recommended you attend the basic water safety and survival training first.
  7. Water Defensive Tactics Instructor Level 2 – If your agency is like most they are underpaid and overworked and work alone on the water ways.  This is an instructor certification program for agencies who have officers assigned to work in and on water conditioned environment. Must attend and successfully complete the WSSI-1 training first.
  8. Water Defensive Tactics Instructor-Trainer Level 3 – This is a Master Instructor Trainer program and is the highest level of certification and training for our water defensive tactics programs.
  9. Maritime Operations Basic Vessel Boat Boarding – If you are an officer who is tasked with stopping and boarding a vessel, this is a class you need to attend. We will address officer safety issues and tactics for boarding small and larger vessels with single and multiple officers.
  10. Maritime Operations Vessel Boat Boarding Tactics Instructor – Develop and train departmental officers in Maritime Operations and Vessel Boat Boarding Tactics for law enforcement, and Marine personnel assigned to work around or in a waterborne environments.
  11. RRB Basic User  – If you are an officer and carry a baton you at least owe it to yourself to review and evaluate the Rapid Rotation Baton. This is a hybrid impact and generates more power and offers the officer more physical control to restrain combative subjects.
  12. RRB Basic Instructor – This is a basic instructor course to certify your officers in the Rapid Rotation Baton.
  13. RRB Combat Instructor – Being trained in using an impact weapon is basic for most straight and side handle batons – however, with the Rapid Rotation Baton this enhances the officer’s ability to transition between all ranges within a physical encounter.
  14. RRB Master Trainer – This will certify your officers as Master Trainers for the Rapid Rotation Baton.

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